Escalate Valley

Amazon Brand Development

Creating a quality, memorable brand is what will generate long-term business for you. Any Amazon seller who is implementing a long-term strategy needs to establish and promote a brand. Escalate Valley is providing strategic end-to-end brand development services to grow and optimize your brand’s presence on Amazon. Our goal is to tie every piece of your Amazon brand presence together while implementing your brand guidelines, exemplifying your brand’s core values, encouraging brand recognition, and creating a business that relates to your buyers, creating lifetime customer loyalty for returning sales and sustained success.

Our Amazon Brand Development service covers:

Profitable Product Research

Looking for Amazon FBA Product Research? You are in right place. At Escalate Valley, we have expertise in analyzing current market needs and trends to choose “profitable” products that can generate high ROI. In Amazon, 75% of business success depends on the Right Product Selection, a Winning product. Our Amazon team has expertise in Amazon Product Research, Keywords Research, and Competitors Analysis and will find you the Products that you can get at Low Prices and can sell for Competing Prices with Decent Profit Margins, huge demand, and Low Competition.

Launching & Ranking

At Escalate, we will work with you to come up with strategies that ensure your brand is a success! When it comes to building a top brand on Amazon, it’s essential to make the right choice from category selection to fulfillment method for a product’s success during launch. Our team experts help you navigate the competitive Amazon jungle. We will conduct extensive competitor research to help you make the right choices and implement the most up-to-date white hat best practices and betas to give you every competitive advantage possible and set you up for long-term success.

Amazon Product Ranking is the key to successfully maximizing ROI. We target specific keywords to help you achieve organic rankings and rapid sales via external traffic. We guarantee to rank your product in the top spots and help you expand your brand exponentially.


Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing Amazon product listings to rank higher in Amazon search results for relevant keywords. So, if you want to increase your sales on Amazon using search engine optimization techniques, you’ve come to the right place! At Escalate, we can make a difference in how your product ranks on Amazon. Our dedicated consultants are the experts when it comes to SEO practice. From understanding the Amazon a10 algorithm to optimizing the relevant keywords, our team is ready to help you sell on Amazon.

Content Writing

At Escalate, we help convey your product story efficiently to inform the customer about all features and benefits of your product. We know that creating high-quality content also involves optimizing your product content for better visibility on Amazon. Our product content writers will understand competitors and after conducting intense keyword research, we will create exceptional copies with selected keywords that can drive your product to the top of the search results, educate customers and improve conversion rates.

Listing Optimization

Amazon listing optimization is the process of improving your Amazon product listings to increase product views and sales. Before your target audience can become your customer, they need to find your products. Our team of world-class copywriters will do the heavy lifting to create a top-ranking and top converting listing for your product. This includes keyword + competitor research, category selection, and product display page listing creation with all necessary backend content, keywords, and fields. Our team focuses on assessing your listing and scanning it for any strategic gaps. We monitor, update, and deliver high-quality listings for shoppers and the Amazon algorithm.

Amazon Advertisement Service

Managing an Amazon business requires time and constant attention to detail. Amazon PPC is one of the largest components of your business. At Escalate, we are ready to help you and your business to grow. Our top priority is generating new awareness for your brand, driving first-time purchasers, and cultivating loyal repeat customers. We have experts in our team to manage your ad campaigns, increase your brand visibility, analyze the competitive landscape, and offer consistent performance reporting. Reach out to our Ecommerce specialists to put your business in a position to escalate in multiples!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an online marketing method that uses different social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to establish brand recognition, capture customers’ attention, and connect brands with a broader, more diverse audience segment. It positively influences your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and digital marketing efforts, creating more lead and revenue streams for your business.

At Escalate Valley, with our data-driven strategies for social media marketing, we can help your company grow its online following, turn customers into brand advocates, increase website traffic and earn revenue.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is how consumers recognize and remember your business. The greater the brand awareness you have, the more audiences will be familiar with your logo, messaging, and products. Amazon creates brand awareness through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat that increasing customers’ knowledge and understanding of the brand. At Escalate Valley, with our custom strategies for brand awareness, we can help grow your business by improving your brand SEO with user-intent related keywords, maximizing your organic social media presence, and running advertising campaigns.